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The Ultimate Connection

 How does a cool website like Organic Connections connect with Natural Vitality, a nutritional supplement company? In a very direct way. You see, at Natural Vitality we’re driven by a mission to make life easier, less stressful and a bit more fun (OK, a lot more fun). So we create premium health products like best-selling Natural Calm® that offer practical solutions for your family’s health needs. We publish Organic Connections magazine as a labor of love, which further fulfills our mission. We offer calm, creative and inspiring stories that open the door to a more positive life experience for you and a focus on the world that is both informative and uplifting. In other words, this is a place for good news! For eight years, award-winning Organic Connections has been connecting readers with people and organizations implementing solutions for calmful living and a calm planet. We also create fun and compelling e-books and e-guides under the Natural Vitality Publishing umbrella. Natural Vitality rounds out the expression of its core values through its environmental action initiative the Calm Planet Project, now also in its eighth year.







 photo credit: © Irene Owsley

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