Austin Real Food Rally Kick Off

12 Oct, 2011

Organic Connections publisher, Ken Whitman, was the lead-off speaker at the Austin Rally for Real Food on October 2nd. Here’s Ken holding up an ear of unlabeled corn, making the point: “How is the public to know what’s in it? They should have the choice as to whether they and their children want to be part of the largest biological human experiment in the history of this planet.”

Organic Connections has published a wide variety of articles covering GMO foods, their dangers and the continuing battle to gain control of the ingredients of food in our lives. The growing array of articles can be found at this link:

We invite all our readers to stay informed and make your voices heard by joining the Just Label It petition to the FDA to get them to do their duty and require the labeling of GMO foods now. Click here to visit our article about

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