Green Chefs

Green chefs, take a bow!

Green chefs, take a bow!

These pioneering green chefs are not simply fixing food but helping fix our broken food system.


Dr. Andrew Weil’s True Food Kitchen

Dr. Andrew Weil has for years been forging many paths to healthy lifestyles for everyone. His latest effort is True Food Kitchen, a fine-cuisine restaurant that adheres to his strict dietary principles—with absolutely no sacrifice in flavor.

16 Dec 8:27 PM 0

Chef Alli Sosna: Stretching the Dollar for Healthy Food

Chef Alli Sosna has cooked for nationally ranked restaurants and kitchens. But the work she finds most fulfilling is assisting those in perhaps the most dire need of healthy, decent food

19 Nov 7:02 AM 0

Chef Andrea Reusing: Farm-to-Table Passion

Award-winning chef at North Carolina’s farm-to-table Lantern restaurant and author of Cooking in the Moment, Chef Reusing talks to us about using local ingredients and cooking with seasonal produce.

01 Nov 12:05 AM 0

Jamie Oliver: Passionate Casual Caring Revolutionary

Celebrity chef and man of many passions, Jamie Oliver talks with us about food in schools, picky kid eaters, the need for education in food and cooking, and the importance of family.

01 Sep 12:19 AM 0

Chef Jesse Cool: Tireless Organic Pioneer

Organic restaurateur, pioneer and cookbook author Jesse Cool takes us on a journey from her “hippie chick” roots in the seventies to her ongoing campaign to bring organic food to patients at Stanford Hospital.

01 Sep 12:15 AM 0

Nora Pouillon: A Pioneer’s Odyssey to Organic

Renowned Washington, DC, chef and organic pioneer Nora Pouillon talks with us about the road to America’s first certified organic restaurant, and how she brought farmers’ markets to the nation’s capital.

01 Jul 12:08 AM 1
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