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Accountability: Is Big Food the Next Big Tobacco?

Accountability: Is Big Food the Next Big Tobacco?

Has the time come to hold Big Food companies accountable for obesity and other food-related health issues?


Food MythBusters: The Myth of Choice: Is junk food what we really crave?

Junk food marketing targeted to children and teenagers is a public health crisis. Find out what you can do about it.

27 Sep 8:50 AM 0

Working to Close Biotech’s Congressional Backdoor

You may have heard that the “Monsanto Protection Act” is once again before the Senate for a continuance. Here are the facts and what you can do to help keep it from coming about.

25 Sep 1:33 PM 1

GMO Labeling Opposition: Are Junk Food Makers Hiding Behind the Grocery Manufacturers Association?

The nation’s largest food makers’ trade group, the Grocery Manufacturers Association, is donating big money to oppose GMO labeling legislation, but on whose behalf?

17 Sep 4:58 PM 0

New GE Soybeans Are Projected to Increase the Use of Carcinogenic Herbicides

Bayer’s new GE soybeans represent the next wave in agricultural biotechnology—crops that dramatically increase famers’ use of and dependence on toxic herbicides.

17 Sep 10:06 AM 0

Chipotle's Scarecrow Takes on Industrial Food

Chipotle is on a mission—a mission to pull back the veil of the industrial food system. Their stunning Scarecrow video is part of this effort.

17 Sep 8:53 AM 3

GMO OMG! The Story Behind the Movie

With the impending release of his documentary GMO OMG, filmmaker Jeremy Seifert has inadvertently tapped into shifting consciousness with regard to one of the hottest issues of our time. He has squarely aimed his film to push that awareness right over the top.

08 Sep 8:31 PM 0
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