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How about a Month of Less Stress?

How about a Month of Less Stress?

Since April is Stress Awareness Month we thought some remarks on the subject of stress would be appropriate.


Are We Really Able to Multitask?

Nature has given us amazing brains, but we were only alloted one per person. This means we can’t really multitask.

01 Mar 12:05 AM 5

Are We Building Stress into Our Lives?

Most people would probably agree that the speed of today’s “living” has something to do with the stresses most of us experience in our working lives and too often bring home with us.

01 Jan 12:57 AM 2

Getting Along in the World Where We Live

How can we successfully navigate this maze of opposing views in getting along in our daily lives. Is the answer more lawyers, PR firms and lobbyists? Hopefully, there’s a less adversarial way.

01 Nov 12:11 AM 0

Why Organic Connections and Natural Vitality Support GMO Labeling and Prop 37

Our role in the natural foods industry is to supplement where needed and then get out of the way and let nature take its well-designed course. Big Food and biotech companies don’t see things this way and so oppose GMO labeling.

20 Sep 9:35 AM 1

Big Food versus Rock and Roll

The food buying public is moving in a “rock and roll” direction: wanting more choice and actual nutrition instead of chemical ingredients. Big Food is still stuck in the “big band” era of more chemicals and industrialization.

01 Sep 12:08 AM 0

Has Mediocre Become the New Normal?

What happens when we shop for produce? What’s our expectation? If a fruit or vegetable looks good, do we accept the item as normal? If we’ve ceased envisioning ideals and simply—albeit reluctantly—accept dreary as normal, aren’t we shortchanging ourselves?

01 Jul 12:09 AM 7
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