Improve Your Soil and Combat Global Warming with DIY Biochar

Improve Your Soil and Combat Global Warming with DIY Biochar

Backyard gardeners who make their own charcoal soil additives, or biochar, should take care to heat their charcoal to at least 450 degrees Celsius to ensure that water and nutrients get to their plants, according to a new study by Rice University scientists.


Dr. Christopher Daugherty, The Quest for Sustainability

From a cultural standpoint, we’re strengthening cultural pride. Socially, we are empowering the voices of women and children. Financially, we are enabling the community to be more self-sustaining, which is most important.

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Saving the California Oaks

But what is truly astounding is the 80% success rate he is having with trees that are diseased or insect ridden–trees which anyone else would completely write off and have removed.

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How to Remineralize the Earth

Remineralization is important because we are missing the minerals and trace elements in our food that should be there. We can address this by returning minerals to the soil just as the earth does. —Joanna Campe

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