Conventional Farmer Troy Roush Supports GMO Labeling Prop 37

29 Sep, 2012

GMO farmer Troy Roush supports food labeling laws. (Photo: FixFood) In 2009, Troy Roush appeared in the critically-acclaimed documentary, Food, Inc. An Indiana farmer, Roush grows genetically modified corn and soybeans. But as FixFood reports, Troy has come out in support of California’s GMO Labeling Proposition 37—the ballot initiative that will require labeling genetically modified food. This is a law that could affect Roush’s business. 

When he first appeared in Food Inc., the farmer told director Robert Kenner that farmers like himself were simply growing what the market demanded―delivery market demand is what any business needs to do in order to stay in business. But he also said that if the market began demanding non-modified harvests, farmers would make that happen. “People have got to start demanding good wholesome food of us and we’ll deliver. I promise you.”

Hear what Troy has to say about labeling GMOs.

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