• Erin Kennard

    I love the idea of making over our favorite foods so we can still enjoy them without filling our body with toxins and hurting us. I started researching food almost a year ago and have been amazed at what is allowed in our food supply. We all know the saying, If you knew what was in your food, you wouldn’t eat it! Now that I know more about what is going into our food, they’re right and I’m not eating it! I have found so many recipes that taste so good and are good for you, including a chocolate bar! We live on a tight budget and yet we can make it work. There are so many resources for healthy options once you start looking. You just won’t find them in a small town grocery. I have found so many options at Meijer and online. Thank you for giving me yet another idea for burgers. I love being able to feed my family good, whole food they enjoy.

  • aligatorhardt

    A “burger” is ground beef, none of which is contained in this recipe, making the headline false. The chicken is the least valuable component of the recipe for that item. False headlines really turn me off. Ground beaf and chicken are not good for you, the vegetarian components are. The vegetable patty is not meat and it is a disservice to truth to call it something it is not. Stop pandering to greedy processed food corporations, by allowing them to set the narrative.

  • http://twitter.com/E_LawnMowReview Leiif Aurumsonn

    He never said “hamburger” . A burger can be veggie based, chicken based, fish based or whatever. A hamburger is usually beef. You are confusing the terms.

  • http://www.facebook.com/frank.kusters Frank Kusters

    Where can I find the evidence that one in ten Chinese is diabetic? I find it a rather bold statement.

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