Feeding the World During Drought

26 Jul, 2012

by Caren Baginski, via NewHope360

Drought endangered agriculture“Begin with the end in mind,” one of Steven Covey’s seven habits of highly effective people, seems not to apply to today’s agricultural politicos and leaders.

This week, news of the nation’s drought disaster—the worst since the 1950s according to the National Climatic Data Center—is pushing mainstream. The question on our leaders’ minds is how to protect current farmers from the immediate consequences of lower crop yields.

While this question is necessary and should be answered, there’s another that speaks to the root of the problem. Instead of considering ways of alleviating the monetary situation through the farm bill, leaders should be thinking about the ultimate “end” they want to achieve through such legislation.

The “end” should not be focused on mitigating drought’s effects in the short term—a band aid at best. As the planet heats up, it’s likely that droughts will continue to worsen, reads a report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

The “end” should be: How can we feed the world during drought conditions? The answer goes far beyond ensuring that farmers don’t go bankrupt this year.

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