GMO Action Alert: Parents Want GMO Labeling

11 Sep, 2012

Support the Just Label It campaignThe successful Just Label It campaign to push the FDA to require labeling of GMO contaminated foods has started a new push: the reach the goal of 1.3 million petitions delivered to the FDA.

We need to let the FDA know what we think and what we want. After all, they actually work for us. Well, that’s something we need to continually remind them about.

Pressuring the FDA is an extremely important action and complements the Proposition 37 GMO Right to Know Initiative in California.

We have the right to know what is in our foods and we are putting the pressure on, on both coasts!


  1. Click here to add your name to the petition.
  2. Share this with your friends and get them to do the same!
  3. Don’t forget to vote for Proposition 37 this November if you are a California resident.


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