• Alohatownie

    It is essential to avoid using the terms “herbicide” and “pesticide” interchangeably as they are used in this article. The former refers to a compound which is designed to kill or discourage unwelcome plants or weeds, and the latter refers to a compound designed to kill or discourage unwelcome insects. I hope to see these terms used correctly in future articles posted at this site.

  • Lisa

    well the term herbicide can only be used for a weed, but since a bug or a weed is considered a pest, pesticide can be used interchangeably.

  • http://twitter.com/Ark_Institute The Ark Institute

    Nice article – helpful to those that may not know what the fuss is about with GMOs.

    We have been fighting GMOs since we discovered the patents on the Terminator Genes in the mid-90’s. Not only do they pose a health risk which is yet undetermined, they also cripple the food sustainability and food-security of the world fruit, vegetable and grain market, as most all of these genetically modified or hybridized organisms are not able to germinate (their seeds die at ripening and they are not able to be replanted) so farmers are required to buy all of their seed each year from the agro-chemical giants like Monsanto, DuPont, etc.

    It is not a popular thing to discuss, but there ARE actually positives about some GMO crops, as the reason that they were researched and discovered was to achieve longer ripening seasons, resistance to natural diseases, ability to generate its own vitamins and not soak up the nutrients in the soils (requiring less fertilizers and chemicals), resist drought, and obviously increase crop yields. But once these gene splices began to work, companies raced to patent and protect their investments.
    There are many opportunities for GM foods to benefit mankind, but the activists are all correct – it needs to be tested and proven harmless for human or animal consumption, and needs to be regulated. And the Terminator Gene (one that kills the seed as it ripens – profit ensurer for the seed sellers…) needs to be banned from all genetic engineered foods so that they can still be grown through open pollination by the farmers and homeowners.

    For more information on our fight against GMOs, including interviews with the whistle blower Biologist, please see our site at http://www.arkinstitute.com or contact us for more info.

  • Gr8Sk8

    Unless I missed something, this article seems to be addressing herbicides, not pesticides (like your title states). Please be careful – these types of mistakes ruin credibility and make it that much harder to educate people.

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