Graphic: Suffocating The World with Plastic Bags

27 Nov, 2012

Suffocating the worldIt’s just a super-thin, plastic bag. You’re standing in line at the grocery store when you realize that you don’t have your reusable bag. You’ll have to get a plastic bag. Again. You feel bad for a moment and then think that it’s just one bag. But it isn’t …

In the U.S. alone, 280 billion plastic bags are used each year, which is enough to stretch around the earth nearly 30,000 times. Making and using plastic bags has more repercussions than you might think. Check out the infographic below to see how exactly plastic bags affect our cities, our environment and even our economy.

Suffocating the world

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    Alright but what is the solution?what can be used instead plastic bags?

  • Morgan Griffith

    I was told by a not very green friend that plastic grocery bags would completely disintegrate when buried (as in the midst of a garbage dump) within 6 months. Well I buried a bag underground in my backyard and then marked its resting place. Dug it up 6 months later. Didn’t need to mark it, the bag was still very much intact.

  • Rox

    Reusable cloth bags, or, boxes from home just for a few ideas, Gente. Most stores now sell cloth bags near the counter I have noticed. Also, give bags as gifts so others can use them!

  • La Alicia

    I love my reusable fabric bags. If a cashier will let me and my purse is big enough, I will just put my purchases directly in after paying. :)