Help Center for Food Safety Defend Farmers Against GE (GMO) Crops!

01 Dec, 2012

Help CFS Defend Farmers Against GMO Crops!Farmers are at the front lines in the battle against genetically engineered (GMO) crops. They are the ones that risk economic harm should their crops be contaminated by GE material. For more than a decade, Center for Food Safety (CFS) has been representing farmers in court against chemical companies such as Monsanto, working to stop GE crops such as alfalfa and sugar beets.

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This year, CFS continued their work with farmers like Pat Trask and Phil Geertson, challenging the US Department of Agriculture and Monsanto on the approval of GE alfalfa, the first perennial GE crop. Watch the video to see what Pat and Phil had to say about CFS. CFS was also back in court with farmers to stop the commercialization of GE sugar beets.

With your support, CFS has been able to prevent the commercialization of GE fish, wheat, rice, and other crops. Just this year, CFS was able to stop the planting of GE canola in Oregon, and we’ve also stopped the planting of GE crops in hundreds of National Wildlife Refuges across the U.S.

Your support enables CFS to win these victories and protect our farms, our food, and our environment from the potential hazards of GE crops. Please consider a donation to Center for Food Safety today.

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