Organic Connections March-April 2012

01 Mar, 2012

In this Issue:

Organic Connections March-April 2012Temra Costa: Author and sustainable food and farming advocate Temra Costa talks about the growing feminine side of farming.

Woody Tasch: Author and founder / chairman of Slow Money, Woody Tasch talks about the recent economic meltdown and can be done about it.

Dan Kittredge: Second-generation organic farmer and head of the Bionutrient Food Association, Dan Kittredge, is leading a new movement to teach farmers and gardeners a methodology of growing with nutrient quality as the main objective.

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About the author

  • Shirley Henry

    I am so grateful to this company for providing such valuable information free of charge to the public.  I have taken The Natural Vitality liquid Multi, Osteo Calm, and Nutra Rev.  I have noticed amazing changes in my overall health and energy from these products.  I truly believe in The natural Vitality line and want everyone i know and love to be using this product.  Therefore, I carry The Natural Vitality product line in my holistic wellness day spa. 
    I believe that knowledge is power.  This magazine provides the information to make the choices in the foods and supplements that go into your body. 
    Thank you for this magazine and for the best products i have ever tried. 

    Shirley Henry RN, EST.

  • Ken Whitman, Publisher, OC

    Thank you for your kind comments. We try to make our Natural Vitality products the best they can be. We use them as do our families. Organic Connections is a labor of love. We believe that you can’t be fully healthy in a toxic world and you’re right — knowledge is power. OC is about validating people who are helping to change our world for the better and empowering others. We’re all in this together.