Video: Parents for Proposition 37

05 Nov, 2012

Minnie DriverListen to what parents like Minnie Driver and Molly Ringwald have to say about the Yes on Proposition 37 Campaign.

Chemical and processed food companies are trying to coerce Californians into believing that Proposition 37 to put a simple label on foods that have been genetically modified will raise food costs, but moms and dads know better.

To learn more about Prop 37 and Food & Water Watch’s campaign to make GE Labeling the Law, and to help raise money to broadcast this public service announcement and others like it far and wide, visit

Proposition 37 is a ballot measure that requires simple, clear labels letting consumers know if foods are genetically engineered. It was written with broad input from food groups, industry, science, legal and health experts and qualified for the November ballot with more than 1 million signatures from California citizens.

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